PR & Communication


  • PR & Communication
  • Crisis management

PR & Communication services:

  • corporate PR — outlining and implementing PR strategies for internal/external communication
  • leadership PR – assisting corporate leaders in effectively communicating their key messages, as well as in building/maintaining a positive image
  • offering an in-house PR development solution
  • Providing consultancy for media relations, and media coverage evaluation and analysis — offering the best perspectives on how companies are perceived and recommending best practices
  • product PR — marketing strategies for promoting a client‘s product
  • selecting and managing the relation with PR agencies
  • assisting the Client in organizing key events
  • political PR

Crisis Management services:

  • evaluating and monitoring the development of a crisis
  • developing and preparing the Crisis Management strategy that is constantly reviewed and updated as new developments occur,
  • implementing the crisis management strategy
  • developing exit strategies
  • minimizing business disruption, financial loss, image damage and implementing contingency action plans