Corporate Affairs


  • public affairs strategies
  • corporate communication strategies


  • advising on the execution of an efficient public affairs strategy
    • Elaboration and execution of a media communication plan
    • Assessment of possible crisis scenarios and devising adequate action plans
    • Creation of mechanisms for timely and appropriate responses to critical issues
    • Getting media specialists covering the specific sector familiar with the current critical issues and the specifics of a Client’s position
    • Establishment of key media contacts, and handling media relations
    • Involvement of reputable experts and industry specialists to support the Client’s position
    • Organizing joint public discussions with representatives of major employers and industrial organizations
    • Achieving optimal media coverage that precisely conveys and defends the Client’s position
  • analysis of the legal and regulatory environment, with advice on applicable laws that could affect a company’s business and activity, including changes and amendments generated by legislative or executive branches of the government, or other governmental agencies.
  • providing assistance in preparing and submitting legal drafts or regulatory strategies to government authorities and to other organizations
  • advising on the initiation of a corporate communication strategy:
    • Analyzing the Client’s critical issues and preparation of an agenda with specific objectives and appropriate actions to achieve them
    • Major stakeholder mapping, and analysis of their influence over the regulatory and business environment
    • Organizing meetings with relevant stakeholders to establish a proper dialogue with the relevant decision-makers influencing the Client’s business operations
    • Increasing the stakeholders’ awareness by organizing joint events for discussion of the critical issues in the sector
    • Interaction with major industrial organizations in order to obtain their support for achieving the Client’s objectives
    • Legislative initiatives linked to the activity of the Client