Vlad Manu

With a mechanical engineering degree and decades of professional experience in technological institutes and railway companies, Mr. Manu has come to contribute to, and manage, some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in Romania.

His relevant experience includes:

  • Project management for Design
  • Contract administration and Claims and Disputes support services for large Contractors
  • Project management support for large Contractors
  • Elaboration and assessment of Feasibility Studies
  • Loan Agreements assessment
  • Elaboration of Terms of Reference for Technical Projects, Design and Supervision services
  • Issuing and review of Tender Documents under all major IFI ruling (WB, EIB, EBRD, JBIC) and EC (PHARE, ISPA)
  • Management and evaluation of the tender process for Works and related Services
  • Negotiation of the Memorandum of Understanding for Works and Supervision/ Design Contracts
  • Contract Management for Works and Services using FIDIC contractual documents
  • Claims management and elaboration of contractual determinations, disputes mitigation
  • Elaboration of strategies for Works tendering, introducing the principle of tendering Works using Lots for specialized Contractors for the Railways
  • Large Works management and coordination, Traffic coordination
  • Coordination/ cooperation with FIDIC Engineer
  • Technical assessment of Variation Orders
  • Taking Over management, issuing of relevant documents according to FIDIC and Romanian applicable law
  • Defects Liability Period management, contractual final statements
  • Team assembly.

Mr. Manu is also involved in management work such as:

  • Daily management of project oriented teams with multidisciplinary personnel;
  • Issue of legal documents according to the relevant procedures for promoting Public Works investments and subsequent approval by various bodies and Ministry, Public Authorities levels;
  • Liaising on contractual and technical matters with the designers the railway company works with to implement various implementations;
  • Promotion of personnel on relevant project management positions according to skill assessment and relevant requirements.